XX Goodbye from MAKE XX

After nearly 5 years pouring love, sweat and glitter into MAKE we have decided that it is time to take a step back, 2019 will be our last classes.
Running a small (micro!) business is hard. Anyone who has ever run their own business knows that it doesn’t stop when you go home or a class finishes. There is always something that needs doing and finding that work/life balance is really tricky.

We are so thankful to have had the support and encouragement of our community so that we could offer authentic and fun ART experiences to sooooo many children and their families. 4 classes and 3 birthday parties each week is certainly a lot of little makers! So if you have been to a class, had a party, shared a post or told a friend about our little business we humbly thank you x

We have been so very privileged to share this journey with you all, and it has been an immense joy to get to know you and your children over these years. We couldn’t be more proud of what we have managed to achieve in this time and for all the fun we have shared.

XX Emily and Laura XX