Magical Potion Picture


When the young artists we teach grab onto something with both hands (in the metaphorical sense, but sometimes literally too) we usually let them run with it.

This term in our after school classes that thing has been MAGIC.

And what a Magical Mystery Tour we’ve been on.

SO, without further ado, let us share with you one of our most popular projects.


Firstly, we gathered our goodies.

Those goodies were; an embroidery hoop, white cotton fabric, permanent markers, isocol (rubbing alcohol), a pipette, some PVA glue and SPARKLES.


Then we stretched our fabric onto our hoop, making sure it was nice and taut.


Next up, we added all manner of pattern and shape using the colours we love the most. for some of us, that was ALL of them.


Then we grabbed our pipettes (one of our fave art tools IN THE WORLD) and carefully dripped on the isocol.


This bit was particularly MAGICAL as we watched the colours blend bleed and run into each other.


While we waited for the isocol to finish doing its thing, we used some scissors to trim off the excess fabric to make the edges nice and tidy.


Then last, but by no means least, we got SPARKLY by gluing on glitter and gems using the PVA glue.

SO pretty.


<3 Laura and Emily xx