Arty Parties


MAKE parties are ACE parties!

The first hour (45 minutes for preschoolers) consists of super fun, art teacher led MAKE-ing where each child creates their own unique artwork, followed by 30 minutes where parents/carers can serve snacks of their choice, sing Happy Birthday and celebrate the guest of honour.

ALL Arty Party guests get to take home

The artwork they MAKE on the day.

The VIP birthday boy or girl also gets…

-A one of a kind, artist-made birthday crown, personalised in their favourite colours!


-Arty Party prices vary depending on the chosen theme, please see below.

-Prices cover up to ten children (including the birthday child).

-Each additional guest is charged at $20 per child (N/A for preschool parties).


-For children of primary school age and above making time is 1 hour and maximum number of children is 16 (including the VIP).

-For preschool aged children making time is 45 minutes and maximum number of children is 12 (including the VIP).

-Party themes are adaptable to different age groups.

-Where the guest of honour is primary aged or above, please advise if any guests will be of preschool age.


We can accommodate parties on:

Wednesdays at 10am (preschoolers)

Fridays at 4pm

Saturdays at 10am and 1pm


-We allow a maximum of 12 children (including the VIP) for PRESCHOOL age parties.

-We allow a maximum of 16 children (including the guest of honour) at parties where children are PRIMARY SCHOOL AGE OR ABOVE.


128 Clyde Street, Soldiers Hill


-Contact us at and let us know your child’s name, age, preferred dates and a contact number.

Once we receive your email, will be in touch ASAP to confirm your Arty Party date and finalise the theme, numbers and party crown design.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Themes and pricing…



(including all materials, tuition and artist made birthday crown)



(including all materials, tuition and artist made birthday crown)



(including all materials, tuition and artist made birthday crown)



(including all materials, tuition and artist made birthday crown)



(including all materials, tuition and artist made birthday crown)


Pricing starts at

$300 (depending on activity)

This covers everything included in our regular parties PLUS the personalised consultation and design of your customised party.

If you have a special theme or idea you’d like to discuss for your VIP, get in touch via email and we will do our very best to MAKE it happen!