For Schools and Educators


The arts play a powerful role in consolidating learning; and through creative expression children develop a deep and meaningful connection to their learning experiences.

MAKE offers a range of flexible programming which can exist either alongside your school’s curriculum as a unique arts experience in its own right, or can be integrated into your programming as a complementary learning device.

The kinds of things we can offer include…

-Artist in schools projects.

-Art workshops, projects or programs for your school Art Show.

-Special occasion workshops, projects or programming for things like Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc.

-Drawing Club, where we come in to your school and run drawing classes either at lunch time with privately booked students, or as a special program for students who would benefit socially and emotionally from being involved in a meaningful activity in a nurturing, inclusive group.

-Pop-Up workshops for school events and functions (for children or staff).

Send us an email at to discuss the exciting possibilities with us!